Goodbye, @GreaterThanPM. Hello, @bmacNHL.

I recently changed my Twitter handle, which I'm sure caused millions of people, or possibly 0 people, large quantities of distress and sleepless nights, and provoked questions like "how could you do such a thing?", "why?", and "why ask why?".  So I thought I'd explain.

Why not @GreaterThanPM?
The original GreaterThanPM handle was chosen because my website, this website, was  The handle @GreaterThanPlusMinus was too long, so I shortened PlusMinus to PM.

Sadly, I didn't realize at the time, and only realized after I started hanging out with Canadians more often, that PM is an abbreviation that is commonly used for Prime Minister.  So to the people seeing my handle for the first time, especially those in the Great White North, it sounds as though I am asserting that I'm somehow better than a prime minister.  So I decided to make the name change.

So why @bmacNHL? 
Here is an in-depth explanation using some complicated formulae:

b = Brian
mac = Macdonald
bmac = a nickname commonly used when referring to me
NHL = a nickname commonly used when referring to the National Hockey League.
@ = required by Twitter

Q. Why not @bmacFLA?
A. It was already taken.  #sadface.