Nashville Preds surprise youth hockey game

Thought this was pretty cool. 
The Nashville Predators surprise a youth hockey game by bringing the full NHL experience to the rink. The families and kids are stunned to see and hear the NHL announcer, Paul McCann, the national anthem, Gnash, and about 250 fans take over the game.

The Reference Library

Over at, Eric T. has been compiling a nice Reference Library with "articles that have advanced our understanding of the game in some small way."  Quality.

Adjusted Plus-Minus

Many of the projects I've worked on are related to Adjusted Plus-Minus (APM), so I thought I'd make that my first real, actual post. 

APM is a plus-minus-like statistic that improves over plus-minus in many ways.  Over at and/or, I wrote a four-part blog series describing how the statistic is calculated, the improvements that it is has over plus-minus, and some of the results for best offensive, defensive, and overall players at even strength.  Here are links to those posts:

Why "Greater Than Plus Minus"?

When I started thinking of a website name, I had a lot of "great" ideas: (by limbolion)

Little did I know they were similar to existing website names.  The other ideas that I had clearly illustrated my lack of creativity in word-related endeavors... I studied mathematics for a reason.  So I polled some friends, who were much more creative than me.


Welcome to! 

GTPM is a place for friends, colleagues, analysts, and fellow sports fans to discuss and analyze sports, and especially hockey.

While most discussion will be quantitative on some level, we'll discuss other stuff too.  And while hockey will be a focus, we'll talk about baseball and other sports too.