Trade deadline article at

Ryan Wagman (@RAWagman) and I recently wrote an article on trade deadline fixes for each of the Atlantic Division teams.  Check it out here if you have ESPN Insider, or here if you are a member at  For the other divisions, there are links on the right hand side of the ESPN article.

Disclaimer: we finished the article before the Pens' flurry of trades.  We picked Adrian Aucoin for the Pens, suggesting the Pens biggest need was a depth defenseman.  Since then the Pens acquired a different defenseman, Doug Murray, so that sort of coincides.  Of course, the Pens did some other stuff too. article on realignment

Samuel Arbesman (@arbesman) wrote a nice article at titled Algorithmically Realigning Sports Leagues. The article is a nice summary of the realignment project that Bill Pulleyblank and I worked on. Check it out here, and the rest of our realignment stuff here

Analysis of NHL's realignment plan

I just finished up an article over at, analyzing the NHL's new realignment plan

At first glance, the new plan might appear bad for the teams in the northeast and the Florida teams, who are all in a division together.  But we show, among other things, that the new plan has a fairly small impact on their travel... just a small increase over what their travel would have been in the the "best" 4-conference solution (if by "best" we mean the solution that would minimize travel).

Links to all of the realignment articles are on the realignment page