Why "Greater Than Plus Minus"?

When I started thinking of a website name, I had a lot of "great" ideas:

thehockeybook.com (by limbolion)

Little did I know they were similar to existing website names.  The other ideas that I had clearly illustrated my lack of creativity in word-related endeavors... I studied mathematics for a reason.  So I polled some friends, who were much more creative than me.

Friend and spades/bridge partner Matthew T. Sitomer came up with my favorite, Greater Than Plus Minus.  GTPM has three properties that I was looking for:
  1. A pun, play on words, or something else mildly (or tremendously) amusing.
  2. Some sort of reference to hockey/goals/shots/dekes/goons/etc.
  3. Some sort of reference to math/stats/analysis/analytics/etc/.
It also has the potential for a cheesy/hilarious/ridiculous logo involving >,  +, and -.

Since a lot of hockey analysis centers around developing statistics that are similar to plus-minus, but better than plus-minus in some way (like, for example, Adjusted Plus-Minus), the named seemed appropriate.

Many thanks to Sito, Schwooz, Saldog, and Todd for their ideas.  

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